Silver Medal       February 1820
This is the oldest trophy in the club, having been purchased by the secretary to the original club council on their instructions as laid down in the original rules. The original cost was £5-14-6d. The medal was to be played for annually on the first Tuesday in October. The winner would have the lowest scratch score over fifteen holes of the now defunct Dubbieside course. (This represented three rounds of the original course). By October 1824 the competition was being played over twenty holes. After 1876 the Silver Medal became the second prize at the Summer Meeting and is still awarded for the second-best scratch score at this meeting.

Gold Medal         April 1825
This is the second oldest trophy in the club, purchased by the council at a cost of fifteen guineas and it was to be used as the first scratch prize at the October meeting, the Silver Medal becoming the second scratch prize. It was first played for in October 1826. It became the first scratch prize at the Summer Meeting in 1878 – the Silver Medal being further inscribed ‘Second Prize’. This medal was initially played for in October with the Silver Medal becoming
the runner-up prize. The Gold Medal was played for in the autumn until 1845. No dates are recorded for the Gold after 1845 (The Silver Medal had switched from autumn to spring in 1834 and the last recorded date for a spring event is 1852). Currently the Gold Medal is awarded for the best scratch score in the Summer Meeting.

Haig Medal         April 1838
Gifted by John Haig, Captain in 1827. A small Silver Medal which is to be attached to the large one.

Silver Medal       March 1847
Gifted by Matthew Elder on behalf of a number of gentlemen. It was inscribed ‘Leven Golf Club 20th March 1847’ and was engraved with the golfers’ coat-of-arms. It was to be played for as a scratch prize at each of the club’s

New Medal         July 1850
Obtained by the club to be played for as a scratch prize at the July meetings. The trophy was to be designated the ‘Second Medal’.

Wemyss Cups    1856 – 1880 and 1881-
This is the fifth oldest trophy in the club. A silver cup gifted by Erskine Wemyss of Wemyss in place of the one presented by his father, James Hay Erskine Wemyss in 1856. The reason for the replacement was the filling up with winners’ names of the available place on the older cup/ The original Wemyss Cup was placed under glass and displayed in the club house in 1884. The cups were the Spring Meeting scratch prize. It is currently played for in the Early Summer Meeting as the best Scratch prize. 

Kennedy Medal  April 1864
Gifted by Dr. Kennedy, Captain in 1863, for play annually on the 28th September (except Sundays).

Boys Links Champion Medal 1865
Subscribed for and presented by the inhabitants of Leven for boys’ competition. Played for as a match play links championship.

Anstruther Cross              November 1869
A silver Medal gifted by Sir Robert Anstruther Bt. M.P. for annual competition. The donor requested that it be played for on Monday, 15th November at noon.

The Amateur Champion Gold Medal        1870 
This is the 9th oldest trophy in the club, but more importantly is the OLDEST AMATEUR STROKEPLAY COMPETITION IN THE WORLD. First played for in 1870 the medal was presented to the Innerleven Golf Club by the Standard Life Assurance Company in their capacity as proprietors of the Lundin Estate, one of the company’s earliest ventures into real estate. The association lasted until recently.
In 1852 Mr. W.I. Thomson the current General Manager expressed the view that with the increased production of golf at that time there was likely to be a rise in values, or what came to the same thing, a fall in the purchasing value of gold. To take advantage of such a rise he proposed a policy of investment in land, where the benefits would be greater than an investment in mortgages in land where the capital value would not increase. This was agreed and as a result the large Lundin Estate in Fife was purchased. It was later sold at a handsome profit.
Then Innerleven Golf Course was part of the Estate and the Amateur Champion Gold Medal is a relic of the company’s ownership of the Estate. 

Christie Cup        June 1880
Presented by Captain Robert Maitland Christie, Captain in 1879-80. It was to be played for in conjunction with the Amateur Champion Medal. This secondary competition was for all members who competed for the Gold Medal. The lowest of the numbers’ scratch scores would win the Christie Cup. Any member who won the Cup three times in succession would retain the trophy as his personal possession. This was accomplished in 1885-6-7 by John Foggo.

Denholm Medal      May 1884
Gifted by a Mr. Denholm of Denholm and Co., ironmongers, Edinburgh. The council decided that it should be played for as a handicap medal in conjunction with the second Medal viz the Summer Meetings scratch prize. Mr. Denholm’s condition was that it should become the member’s property who won it three times, not necessarily in succession.

Pattison Cross    1886
Presented by Mr. David Pattison for competition by boys under the age of 12 years. 

Jackson Silver Tankard   April 1887 - 1989
This is the 12th oldest trophy in the club and was presented by Major Randle Jackson of Swordale, Captain 1886. It was to be played for at the Spring Meeting and was to be the second scratch score after the Wemyss Cup. It was last competed for in 1989.

Glover Inkstand           May 1888
Gifted by Thomas C. Glover. The council decided it should replace the Christie Cup and be played for under the same conditions. It was in fact won outright in 1896-7-8 by Dr. A.E. Watson.

Chiene Silver Putter        June 1889
This is the 13th oldest trophy in the club, and was presented by George Todd Chiene, Captain 1889-90. It is a full-size copy of a Philp wooden putter and has been played for as the Scratch Prize at every Autumn Meeting since 1889.
George Todd Chiene was a Chartered Accountant, an auditor for Standard Life and factor for several Fife Estates. His father (same name) was factor for the Campbell Estate of Islay but moved to the Lundin Estate in 1850s due to the impact of the potato famine on the island’s economy. It was at this time that the Lundin Estate was purchased by the Standard Life Assurance Company as an investment and development opportunity.
With the railway coming the aim was to expand Lundin Links into a planned village of upmarket villas. George Snr as factor for the estate played a major role. He was also Captain of Lundin Golf Club in 1869, one year after the club’s foundation.
George Junior, our past Captain of Silver Putter fame, had an even more famous sibling. His brother John was Professor of Surgery at Edinburgh University, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Captain of Bruntsfield and the first President of the Scottish Rugby Union!!!!

Ramornie Medal               April 1894
Gifted by Hugh Veitch Haig of Ramornie, Captain in 1893-94, for annual competition on the occasion of the opening of the new clubhouse. This is the 14th oldest trophy in the club. The format of this competition was to be similar tothat of the R. and A’s Calcutta Cup. This was holes by handicap, i.e. a type of match play over succeeding days, and the days selected by the I.G.C. were to be three days in August. The Medal has on one side a view of the newly built club house, and on the other a view of Ramornie House. It is currently played for in Stableford format.

Jubilee Handicap Medal June 1897
Gifted by an anonymous member to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and to commemorate the Golden Jubilee, i.e. 60 years of membership of:
David Peter        1842
Peter Bonthron 1844
Robert Smith      1847
It was, on the instructions of the council to be called the Jubilee Handicap Medal and was to be played for as the first handicap prize on the first day of the Summer Meeting
In December 1926 the council heard that the Medal was covered with name. A suggestion be George Masterton that a hinged plate to be affixed to the back of the Medal was agreed to. This trophy was wrongly referred to as the Coronation Medal.

Diamond Jubilee Medallions       1897
Five identical medallions commemorating the Queen Victoria Jubilee in 1897. Two of the medallions are inscribed ‘Spring Meeting’ and ‘Autumn Meeting’. The other three are not inscribed. Additionally there exists part of a sixth medallion.

Christie Medal   1899

Pilkington Vase  1899
Gifted by Reginald Murray Pilkington, Captain 1898-99. It was to take the place of the already won Glover Inkstand and would be played for under the same conditions. It was eventually won outright by William Henderson in 1906-7-8. The winner, Mr. Henderson, said that if Mr. Pilkington could/would not replace it in time for the 1909 competition he, Henderson, would gift a prize valued at £3-3-0d for that year’s competition. The trophy was not replaced and Mr. Henderson in fact won the 1909 competition himself. He did not take possession of it and the special prize was held over until the Spring meeting of 1910 when it was won by. J.H. Smith, the trophy was never replaced, and the competition run in conjunction with the Amateur Champion Medal fell into abeyance. 

Coronation Cup              April 1902
Presented by William Horne Cook, Captain 1902-3 and Charles Cook, Captain 1895, for handicap play on or about Coronation Day of King Edward VII. This was intended to be an annual competition. However, in May of that year the council decided that it should be played for as a match play trophy (holes by handicap). The competition was to be played between the Spring Meeting and the end of June.

Charles Anderson Cup    December 1907
Charles Anderson, who was a noted local golfer and senior member of the club had recently died and had gifted to the club the two debentures that he had taken up at the time of the new club house building, together with the accrued interest. This legacy was therefore a means of waiving the debt owed to his estate by the club. There was one condition. The club had to purchase ‘a piece of silver plate’ to the value of £23 which was to be played for annually. By June 1908, the council had obtained the cup and had fixed the competition conditions. The competitor with the lowest handicap total of two scores obtained in two of the three main meetings would hold the trophy for one year.

Greig Medal       August 1909
A Silver medal gifted by A.N. Greig under three conditions:
1. To be known as the Greig Medal
2. To be played for monthly under handicap
3. The best three scores in any one year to win
This was the first trophy to be presented to the club after its re-formation in April 1909.Leven Golf Club had been dormant since Autumn of 1884 because of lack of support.

Somerville Cup  May 1910
At the first Annual Dinner following the re-formation, the Captain, Baillie John Somerville, gifted a Silver Cup. He made a special request that it be played for under handicap on or about 19th April in each year. This date was that of the inaugural meeting of the new club at which he was elected Captain.

Bowman Cup     August 1910
The minutes do not show exactly who gifted this trophy, actually by Archibald Bowman, Captain 1914-1919, only that on the above date the council decided it should be played over a period and under handicap by bisques.

Shepherd Cup   February 1911
Gifted by William Shepherd, Captain 1908-10, to be played for under handicap at the Autumn Meeting. William Shepherd was Captain in December 1909, when the modern form of the golf links came into being all west of the Mile Dyke. He in fact drove the inaugural shot from the first tee.

Wallace Watch  December 1911
On 29th July 1911 George Wilkie and George Masterton both from the Leven Golf Club, contested the final of the Evening Telegraph Trophy held that year at Lundin Golf Club. Wilkie won the competition but both finalists were welcomed back to Leven in magnificent style by the town and not only the club. George Wilkie also won the L.G.C. Amateur Champion Medal the same year with a score of 73.
In December the club held a smoking concert to honour both men. At this function Mr. F.T. Wallace presented to the club a Silver Watch which had been found derelict in a local watchmaker’s and which he had purchased. The connection between the club and the watch was that it was inscribed: ‘To Mr. J. Davidson in grateful recognition of his services as secretary of Leven Golf Club for fifteen years.’ The council decided immediately that this watch was competed for annually by handicap, but in May 1913 changed the format to holes by bisques – another form of match play.

Wilkie Shield – Wilkie Silver Medal      March 1923
The council accepted a gift of a shield from James Wilkie and the medal from T.B. Wilkie. The shield was given to be played for annually on a match play basis. (The records do not indicate what the silver medal was to be used for).

Patrick Cleek      August 1923
Mr. Alex Patrick, an Honorary member and the celebrated local club maker, gifted to the club an ancient cleek originally belonging to the father of Earl Haig, the great was Field Marshal. The club is inscribed as a ‘product of the 18th century’ and was given to Alex. Patrick in 1868. It was to be called the HAIG CLEEK. However, in January 1924 the council decided that it should be played for by handicap, with the lowest aggregate of two rounds winning. The minutes do not say from which competitions these two scores were to come from. In deciding this format, the council referred to the gift as the PATRICK CLEEK and this name has been in use ever since.
On the death of Mr. A. Patrick in March 1932, Mr. James Wilkie presented to the club an old golf driver which had belonged to the late Mr. Patrick. The council however decided they would not utilise this presentation meanwhile ‘until the question of the fixtures was sorted out’.

Rolland Medal   September 1924
Presented by Ex-Baillie Rolland as a monthly handicap medal. 

Carlow Medal    November 1927
Gifted by C. Augustus Varlow, Captain 1924-25, as a handicap prize at the Spring Meeting. In addition, Mr. Carlow indicated that he would also supply a die for the casting of medallions for presentation to the medal winners. There is no confirmation that this was ever done.

Port Decanters  1886
Twin decanters in a carrying tray gained by the Reverend D. Brewster of Kilmany, Captain 1887-88, as the first handicap prize in the Summer Meeting 1886. Reverend Brewster also won the L.G.C. Gold Medal at this meeting with a scratch score of 90.

Young Trophy    January 1930
Gifted by James Murray Young. A souvenir of the Great War. The elaborately carved walking stick was picked up by the donor after the bombardment of Nieuport 12th July 1917.

Walker Cup         1935
Gifted by James Walker of Redcar.

Veterans Trophy              March 1938
Presented by Major George Russell of Kingsdale on the occasion of his achieving 50 years of membership.

Rotary Cup (George W. Adamson Cup)   1958
Presented by past president George W. Adamson to the Rotary Club of Leven for annual competition for the championship of the Rotary Club golf tuition class participants.

Vintage Trophy 1962
Gifted by Miss M. Carewell. A wine jug which had been gained in foursome’s handicap competition in August 1886 by Mr. J.H. Carswell. It is to be played for annually under handicap by member aged 65 years and over.

Harry Cant Trophy           1964
Presented by members of Leven Golfing Society in memory of Harry Cant. Foe annual competition at the Open. Gained by lowest handicap score by a competitor over the age of 50 years.

Lightbody Cup   1966
Presented by Mr. T.B. Lightbody for competition by boys. Mr. Lightbody was, for many years, a strong supporter of young peoples’ golf at County level.

Stan Lawrence Cup          1968
Gifted by Mr. Stan Lawrence, a prominent Leven trader.

Captain/Vice Captain Cup
For presentation to the leader of the winning team at the initial golfing occasion of the year.

Centenary Casket            July 1946
The council decided to purchase, at a cost of approximately £24-10-0d, a trophy for annual competition. This purchase was to celebrate the 100 years since the club was originally formed. In addition, the club purchased, possibly for resale, a quantity of Centenary Badges at a price o 3/- each.

Captain’s Name Plaque  June 1948
Gifted by the then late Mr. Peter Baird and unveiled on the above date. The council were aware in October 1947, that the plaque was in the process of being made by A.B. McIntosh & Company Ltd of Kirkcaldy.

Lightbody Cup December 1947
Gifted by Mr. J.D. Lightbody for annual scratch competition in the club Open. It was officially presented on the above date, being that of the 1947 Presentation of Prizes.

Coronation Tankards     April 1953
The council bought two pewter tankards to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. They decided that the tankards were to be played for in conjunction with the Anstruther Cross – one for scratch and one for handicap.

Captain’s Badge                 November 1953
The council purchased, for the wearing on official occasions, by the Captain of the day, a gold badge. The cost of this badge was £9-12-6d. However, at the council meeting in that month the Secretary was instructed to call and thank Mr, D.T. Smith for his offer to present the badge to the club. At the same time the council purchased, for 12/6d each 18 past Captain’s badges for presentation by the incoming Captain to the immediate past Captains. 

Gardner Tankard              October 1955
Gifted by Mr. A.S. Gardner for annual play in foursomes competitions.
N.B. Mr. Gardner later achieved the distinction of becoming the first member of L.G.S. to become a President of the Scottish Golf Union.

Scottish County Golf Champion of Champions
Presented annually to the winner of the above, two trophies by
a) Leven Town Council and then Kirkcaldy District Council and
b) Daily Record Newspaper

John Adam Cup 1969
Gifted by Mrs. Nessie Adamson.

Dowie Trophy
Gifted by Past Captain, D.A. Dowie and Mrs. Dowie – two pewter tankards for annual match play knockout competition – Mixed Foursomes.

Dowie Feathery 1973
Gifted by Past Captain, D.A. Dowie.

Balfour Casket   1973
Gifted by Henry Balfour & Company Ltd. For annual stroke play.

Lawrence Smith Tankard    1977
Originally was the Australia Cup and presented by the Highgate Golf Club to Mr. Smith in 1954. Mr. Smith became one of the few players to win the scratch prize at the major meetings in the same year. Presented to LGS by his widow, Mrs. Mary Smith, in memory of her late husband for scratch medal play.

Anglia Quaich 1983
Gifted by the Anglia Building Society.

Hutcheon Medal 1983
In that year LGS conferred upon Ian Hutcheon, Scottish Stroke and Match Play Champion, internationalist and Walker Cup team member, the title of patron (one of two), in recognition of his services to Scottish Golf and for his unfailing friendship to LGS. In return, Mr. Hutcheon handed to LGS for continued safe keeping the Scottish Amateur Stroke Play Medal he won playing over Leven Links in 1971.

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